DIY Network Canada

  • The Shadowing

    September 4, 9pm

    Killer Joe

    September 5, 9pm

      Green Zone

    September 6, 9pm

  • Trailer Park Boys

    Trailer Park Boys

    Mondays at 6pm

    A mockumentary about the life of three petty felons in a trailer park in Nova Scotia.

    Girl's Guide to Depravity

    Girl's Guide to Depravity

    Mondays at 10pm

    Sick of getting screwed, Sam and Lizzie decide to take their dating life into their own hands.



    Tuesdays at 9pm

    Deputy U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens is an old West lawman living in modern times.

  • About the Network

    IFC is the hottest TV channel devoted to cool movies–uncut. See the movies everyone raves about–from award-winners such as There Will Be Blood and Pulp Fiction, to groundbreakers like Trainspotting and Boogie Nights to cult hits such as Clerks and Grindhouse – movies air uncut every day. Plus, get bonus movie features and exclusive series about the world of moviemaking in original series such as Vice Guide To Film. IFC- where all the cool movies go.




    Tel: 1-866-977-3663


    A Family Again|10:00AM

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